Employee Engagement Activities: 15 Cutting-Edge Tactics

According to the NY Daily News, approximately 70% of the United States’ employees are struggling at work.

The numbers that Gallup Survey has shown, states that more than 1/3 of Americans feel uncomfortable and disengaged at work.

So, if you’re one of those who dislikes their workplace, you’re not alone.

On the other hand, CEO’s and managers have spread and reported highest levels of engagement. As one would expect, offering the essential diversity that the workforce stands in need of, is quite hard to achieve.

But, using the most effective and cutting-edge employee engagement activities is crucial for your business to progress.

Many organizations encourage their leaders and revolutionize companies to unleash the full potential of their staff.

Sadly, corporations apply the worst tactics to enhance their employee engagement. So, it’s a responsibility of a leader to use constructive employee engagement activities to help the staff reach the required “maturity”.

 15 Cutting-Edge Employee Engagement Activities to Use

Understanding the goals of your company is essential to define how you’re going to achieve them. HR can be a good use to plan, an employee engagement strategy that perfectly fits your business’ objectives.

Happy Hour With Your Team –  There’s nothing better than having one or two drinks after a long, tiring and a stressful week.

So, “finishing early” on Fridays and to unwind with your employees is an effective way to ensure future engagement. Moreover, the employer – employee relationship will drastically improve, which is also a huge advantage.

Creating a Productive Work Environment – A workplace is most engaged when it’s friendly and interesting. Always be open to changes, consider suggestions from your employees and build the perfect atmosphere with them and if you give people freedom, they are going to amaze you.

Regularly use team building activities and make them intriguing, so that everyone will look forward to participating. Let’s watch what Google offers to their employees in Switzerland:

Breathe Fresh Air Once in a While – Your office may look really attractive, but face it, no matter how good it looks, eventually it becomes boring.

So, go outside once in a while and either work outside or organize a tour that isn’t related to your business goals.

At some point, you’ll realize that the more unwinding opportunities you provide (but don’t overdo it), the more engaged your staff will be.

Newcomer Mentor Assigning – One of the most commonly used employee engagement activity. If you want to unleash the full potential of a newcomer, assigning a mentor is the best way to go.

This way, you’ll avoid extra frustration and discouragement. Also, mentors will ensure that the newcomer will absorb the necessary information in no time.

Create a Partnership – One of the most constructive ways to maximize the productivity and engagement of an individual is to build partnerships. Make the employee feel the value he carries, let him understand that he’s a crucial part of your workplace and business. As long as the benchmark of your standards is met, let the employee do his job as he sees fit. When the employee realizes that he’s less-restrict his engagement will surely rise.

Performance Feedback – As mentioned in the previous employee engagement article, feedback is vital to enhance employee engagement. Weekly or monthly, inform every staff member how productive and engaged they were.

If you’re dissatisfied with anything, explain and work with them to avoid further delays. It’s important to stress the supportive side of yours because leaving members behind is not an option.

Share Business Insights – Twice a year present the problems your organization is facing, introduce the methods that were used to solve them and involve your staff for further planning, to find effectual solutions.

Furthermore, providing the information on how the company is managed, you’ll nurture loyalty.

Creative Ways for Knowledge Sharing – Mostly, teams focus on their own projects and are competing with each others.

Consequently, the overall productivity and engagement is decreasing. So, introducing a place, where teams can present the achievements and progress their having will result in rapid engagement.

Note, that the process may become boring, so try to add fun activities to make it more intriguing and engaging.

Have an Unbelievably Productive Night – Break the stereotypes and something unimaginably good. Invite your employees for a night to work differently.

Buy snacks, drinks, turn the music on, use your imagination and make it the most awesome work night. Set goals, push yourselves to the limit and find out what you’re capable of.

In order to understand the idea of the method, read HubSpot’s 200 Hours Worth of Marketing Content in One Night.

An employee of the Month – Some may not admit, but everyone loves to be the employee of the month. Make it original, publish his story on your website, share it on social media and make him proud of his accomplishment.

Train Your Managers – Managers are the key to employee engagement activities. Create courses and properly train and educate your managers to maximize their contribution and engagement.

Associate them with your company’s goals and teach them how to get the desired results.

New Approach to Employee Engagement – Marshall Goldsmith talks about a brand new approach to employee engagement that might be the “other half of the equation”, the piece that was being overlooked the whole time, but now, business landscape can be changed for good.

Listen to Marshall and you may find something special for your employee engagement activities.

Social and Charity Initiatives – Tell the team choose a cause and let them willingly donate either time, money or both.

The concept of “returning” is not like the ordinary employee engagement activities. It’s one of the most effective methods to encourage loyalty and pride. Remember, that personally engaging and committing into the cause is more powerful, than investing money.

The Concept of a Hero – Everyone has a dream and a goal. Leaders must understand that employees mustn’t be relied on the company and the manager, but on the contrary, leaders must be the guides for the employees to reach the goals they have set.

Tell your staff to write their goals on a piece of paper and every quarter remind them and make sure they’re not lost.

Encourage Upcoming Career Opportunities – Excite your employees for the next step. Regularly communicate and keep them in touch.

This way, you’ll make sure that your leading figures will decline the job opportunities from your competitors. Communicate through emails (write individually for every employee who’s in the short list of promotions), face-to-face or during conferences/meetings.

Closing Line

Surely, applying theories into practice is a big challenge. Employee engagement is a long-term process that requires thorough business planning to maximize the productivity and engagement.

But, not trying is the mistake that the most companies make.

So, thoroughly analyzing employee engagement activities and choosing the most effective ones is crucial for you to progress.

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