Employee Engagement Ideas: Best Ways to Act

The concept of employee engagement is fully constructed on HR experience, psychology, team building and business models

that seize the attention of the organization’s staff to increase their productivity and achieve success.

Today, building a competitive brand is heavily linked to focusing on both, internal and external factors, but fighting on two fronts may sound easier than done.

So, mostly, companies tend to stress the importance of external branding while neglecting the perks that internal environment brings.

For instance, providing an engaging, demanding and attractive workplace.

So, we’ll be looking at 30 employee engagement ideas to let your creativity spark and expand.

30 Best Employee Engagement Ideas

Let Your Employees Speak Up – The competition between employees and the concept of “being first” has discouraged some team members to think, as their ideas are dull and invaluable.

So, if you want your teammates to share their projects, encourage them to speak without hesitation and the fear of evaluation and judgment.

Moreover, no one knows how innovative and beneficial their intentions may be.

Build Employee Relationship – When a company decides to grow, as the larger it gets, the more it disconnects employees from each other.

As a business owner, it’s essential to focus on relationship building because it may harm the overall productivity.

For example, in Google, on Fridays, employees can relax and interact with free beer and wine.

Take the Role of a Mentor – When employee relationship problems arise, it’s vital to intervene and negotiate to stop the further progress.

It’s indispensable for you to personally assist the staff member to get through the difficulties because not interfering me bring severe consequences.

Always Reward for a Job Well Done – Some managers and business owners believe that employees should be rewarded on a regular basis, but implementing such methods will do no good to your business.

Sadly, inattentively handing out rewards will result in poor performance.

So, rewarding is something that must be done from time to time, but only after closely analyzing the progress and accomplishment of your employee.

Note, that whether it’s a salary, bonus or a promotion, making the reason clear can help the team member to stay on top of his productiveness and engagement.

Encourage Employees to Work on their Passion – One of the best of employee engagement ideas. Let employees work on their passions that are closely related to your business.

Such system can breed new ideas and directions that can help your organization develop from a different perspective.

For instance, Google’s 80/20 rule encourages employees to use their time’s 20% on a passion that is believed to help the company progress. This was the precise system that resulted in creating Gmail and Google Adsense.

Charity is Important – Charity isn’t like ordinary employee engagement ideas, but it’s one of the best ways to stick your team together. Offer your staff to willingly choose an organization to donate any amount of money or create a motive that’s associated with your company’s objective and raise money in a team friendly way.

Raise Salary – Don’t be greedy. Remember, employees need money as much as you do. Make them happy, maximally raise their salaries.

Who knows what outcome you’ll have. For example, AT&T Mobility used this method to increase staff’s motivation and engagement, which also resulted in improving customer experience.

Encourage Innovation – I bet you’ve been hearing some interesting ideas around the office. So, make a good use of it. Publicly applaud and praise the innovator.

This way, other members motivation will definitely increase.

Celebrate Special Occasions – Whether it’s a birthday, promotion, newcomer or any special occasion you can think of, don’t hesitate celebrating. It’s a great way of showing that your employees actually matter.

Importance of Feedback – Implementing a proper feedback system is hard because you’re having business with worker’s position, key success factors, and emotions.

Do your best and keep the framework as simple as possible, offer anonymous surveys, so that no one hesitates to speak one’s mind. Make sure, that you’re not doing this for formality, always act accordingly.

Try Some Unusual Employee Engagement Ideas – Try things that only you could come up with, things that you’re sure are fit for your staff to engage.

Don’t think of something unusual and extraordinary, focus on simple things that matter.

Encourage Social Activities – It’s truly overwhelming to work 10 hours a day while waiting for weekends that pass in a blink of an eye.

So, go out, have fun with your team, create memories and get to know each other. Furthermore, join sports competitions and inspire team building.

Ensure that People have Everything they Need – It’s not like other employee engagement ideas, but it’s vital.

Make sure that basic requirements are fulfilled and everyone has the comfort to work effectively. This way, instead of wasting time, their eagerness for commitment will increase.

Encourage Learning – Try to dissolve the feeling of laziness. Challenge your employees to learn and develop, but don’t make it look like homework.

Make it amusing and interesting, so that the volume of happiness, intelligence and engagement will grow.

Recognize Achievements – Doesn’t matter, if it’s a big or small, they’re the key to success, no one can work for months without motivation and an energy refill.

Therefore, recognize and applaud their hard work.

Perfect Newcomer Onboarding Process – Nothing is more disappointing, than hiring an individual that seemed as a perfect fit to your workforce, but finding out that his engagement is nowhere near the standards is something really unpleasant.

Sometimes, it’s not the fault of a newcomer, but how they’re met. It’s important to have a warm gathering, to fuel his excitement and use to your advantage.

Thus, onboarding may be crucial to determining, whether the newcomer will be properly engaged or not.

Help Your Employees to Move Forward in their Career – Accept that someday your employees might leave for a better job opportunity.

In the 21st century, people put a lot of effort in advancing their careers, as an effective business owner will clarify that he’s here to help them progress.

There are a number of ways to do this, for instance, allowing them to attend business workshops during work hours or giving career advice.

Make the Friday Afternoons Special – Everyone loves Fridays, so why it shouldn’t be memorable? Hold a poetry evening or bring a singer-songwriter, gather everyone and have a wonderful night, throw a party or anything you want, just make it awesome.

Listening to good music while you and your team are de-stressing and celebrating is a great way to unwind.

Note, that bringing a singer, according to your taste is a wrong decision to make. Show some interest, ask your folks about their tastes and let the majority decide who to bring (or if you can afford, bring several for everyone to be happy).

Local Sporting Events – It’s not like other employee engagement ideas, but it’s to be effective. Once a month, take out your team on football/basketball (free of charge, you’re the one who pays) matches, or anything they like.

Buy a seasonal pass for your organization, contact the sports team and if possible schedule meetings with players and take pictures/autographs. It won’t make everyone happy, but still, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Marry Christmas in July! – Come up with your own “special day” and celebrate. Let your team members disconnect themselves from a busy workday.

Imagine how positively it’ll affect your employees, so many happy faces and a lot of employee engagement.

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