Indoor Team Building Activities: 10 Cutting-Edge Games

Indoor team building activities are an essential part of every company that seeks to grow and develop. There are countless of reasons why businesses utilize team building activities.

For instance, to boost motivation and productivity, improve employee relationships, etc.

Indoor team building activities must be used by every organization because impressive teamwork is a key success factor of your business.

The idea behind indoor team building activities is to build trust, do challenging exercises, have fun and maximize employee productivity.

So, we’ll provide 10 most effective indoor team building activities to help your organization increase employee engagement, productiveness, and relationships.

Indoor Team Building Activities: 10 Cutting-Edge Games

1. Life Highlights Game

An excellent indoor team building activity, which is ideal for any sized group.

Firstly, tell the participants to close their eyes and think of the best moments they’ve had in life.

Anything will do like personal, family memories, career success, etc. and give them approximately 1 minute to visualize, then move to the second task.

Now, as soon as they get the hang of it and “revise” their chosen life moment, tell them that the memory will be thoroughly discussed (Keep in mind, that throughout the game their eyes must be closed).

After the second task, tell the participants to explain why exactly did they chose it. This exercise will help your employees to know each other better, improve relationships and build trust.

They’ll understand one another’s hobbies, passions, and personalities.

2. Picture Pieces Game

Apart from the indoor team building activities stated above, picture piece is a game that encourages teamwork and leadership.

To play the game, take a picture/painting of your taste, cut it into small pieces, create 2-6 people groups (depends on your company’s scale) and evenly distribute the picture parts throughout the groups.

Then, tell the teams to “fill in their puzzles” and after completing their tasks, ask everyone to combine their works to recreate the original painting.

This activity will improve teamwork in your workplace and will promote work commitment & contribution.

3. Sneak Peak Game

To play this awesome game, you’ll going to need Lego Bricks.

Someone, who doesn’t participate in the game has to build a sculpture and hide it so that no one can see the structure. Then, the leader must create 4 man group and instruct each of them to sit back by back (groups shouldn’t see one another).

After that, each member of a group has thirty seconds to take a look at the sculpture and explain to his teammates how to build an identical figure.

After every minute of working, other members, one-by-one, will come for a sneak peek and return to their teams and assist them in further building.

Sneak peak game will help your staff to learn effective communication and problem solving.

There are several parts of the video, so don’t forget to watch them all.

4. Coin Logo

This is one of my favorite games from indoor team building activities.

In order to start playing the game, it’s important for players to search for coins, and place every single one they find on the table (if some are short of coins, others can share). Tell them to use their coins to create logos that perfectly describes them (give them some time to think, it’s not easy).

It’s also possible to use other materials like pen, pencil, etc.

Furthermore, if the staff is too big, it’s possible to create 4-6 member groups and let them create logos that represents the entire team.

Besides, the whole staff can create a single logo, that shows the objective of a firm. This activity, not only promotes one’s self but increases employee engagement.

5. Zoom

A classic example of indoor team building activities.

Generally, Zoom requires a book by Istvan Banyai (it’s called Zoom), but it can be easily played with simple images chosen by you.

In order to start playing, each participant must have a single picture and the instructor must tell them hide their pics from others and thoroughly observe them (give them some time to understand, about two or three minutes will do).

Next, one of the participants starts to explain his picture, then the next one continues and so on.

The ultimate goal of the game is to encourage Communication and creative collaboration.

6. Tag Team Game

This indoor team building activity requires a sheet of paper and a pen.

Firstly, the leader must break the staff into small groups (3-7 people) and ask them to share their strengths and weakness.

Then, the team must decide which attributes must be used to create an imaginary teammate that will guarantee winning the game/competition.

This man must have a name, biography, characteristics and anything they’d like to add. This game does sound a bit childish, but it has an unbelievable effect on planning and adapting.

So, including this game in your indoor team building activities, will definitely benefit your workplace.

7. The Great Egg Drop

The messiest game from indoor team building games.

This activity requires you to split your employees into two parts and ask them to build an egg package that can withstand a 200-centimeter drop.

As soon as they built the package, both sides have to make a one-minute presentation to explain why their construction is unique and best.

After the presentation ends, both sides will have to let go of the egg and see if their egg package truly works.

The Great Egg Drop will teach your staff how to cooperate and will highlight the meaning of a common goal. Moreover, the game is a lot of fun, it’ll definitely leave good memories.

8. The Paper Tower

One of the hardest game we’ve seen.

Every participant will only get a single sheet of paper and will be asked to build the highest freestanding tower as possible (the given time must be approximately 7 minutes).

After completing the task, players will have to discuss each other’s towers and explain why exactly and how exactly did they built it.

The Paper Tower game is a great activity to develop time management, planning, and thinking.

9. Eye Contact

It’s true that employees often struggle to make an eye contact.

So, this Eye Contact game is an excellent example of indoor team building activities that can help to solve this problem.

This trust activity requires you to make two-person teams and ask them to each other in the eyes.

At first, you might hear people giggling, but don’t worry, it’s natural because of the awkwardness. Though, as soon as they get the hang of it, the situation will improve.

Note, that each stare should last only a minute and after the 60 seconds pass, the pair should change.

10. Willow in the Wind

This is an excellent trust building game. It requires nothing, but participants.

To play, one player must volunteer to become the willow, then he’ll stand in the middle of the circle which will be formed by the members, he must close his eyes and lean in any direction and of course, other participants must catch him.

Willow in the Wind will help them to build trust in an exciting environment.

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