Grassroots Marketing Saves a Lot of Effort

Not every business has the budget to afford a high-cost advertising campaign and to target a large audience.

So, it’s frustrating to figure out a low-costing, effective marketing strategy that can be profitable. Such situations have led to breeding new marketing ideas and tactics, and grassroots marketing is one of the best methods developed.

Apart from the monotonous advertising systems that target a large audience, hoping that the message will spread, grassroots marketing works completely differently.

Grassroots marketing covers small, niche audience, expecting that the small group will spread the message to a larger one.

Grassroots Marketing Principles

In order to run a successful grassroots marketing campaign, you must understand and consider some crucial principles.

Choosing the Right Audience – Due to our budget being limited, we’re not allowed to make a single mistake. Especially as crucial as choosing the right audience.

Make sure, that the group you’ve chosen is influential and have the power to spread the word about your service.

For instance, an author may send free eBook samples to authority reviewers so that they’ll publish enthusiastic reviews about the book.

This way, the number of buyers will increase because an influential individual praised the work.

Understand the Costs – Since you’ve chosen to target a small group, to develop your business, realizing the “free campaign” concept of grassroots marketing is essential.

Grassroots marketing can be time-consuming because arranging contests and holding giveaways is a hard thing to do.

For example, seasonal hotels may arrange certain, free, contests to improve their audience engagement and local presence.

8 Grassroots Marketing Ideas

Word of Mouth – Saying that social media has become the biggest place to give recommendations, is true. But still, many things happen offline while people share their experiences and expectations with friends.

So, to have the best results from using word-of-mouth marketing, focusing on the both segments is vital. In addition, small businesses have a huge advantage over larger companies, because of the short distance between the owner and the consumer.

Product Sample Giveaways – If you’re selling some products, hand them over for reviews. Don’t be afraid, let the audience decide, whether the quality of your product is acceptable or not.

For instance, if you run a vet service, organize free pet checkups. In case you run a service, offer free trials and let the customer feel your product and then decide, whether it’s beneficial for them or not.

Never Miss Local Community Events – This is an effective way to advertise your business. Partnering up with the event manager and making an agreement to put adverts on billboards or flyers will benefit your company’s public image.

The best part of this method is, that it costs almost nothing! You might be charged as low as 10$ to place your advertisement.

Even if your customer number doesn’t increase, it’s an efficient way to build your brand’s image.

Effectively Use Social Media – If you’re not using social media, then your business isn’t developing. The 21st century is the era of the internet because the great opportunities laying there.

Create social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. and increase your online presence by befriending your customer.

This way, by answering your consumers’ questions, customer sanctification will increase, which will bring a rise in your brand’s overall authority.

Arrange Charity Events – Running charity events is a good and a strategic move to make, because you help those in need and “leak” information about your company.

Also, your brand’s trust is steadily building while being involved in such activities. Furthermore, you can also raise funds and let other companies take part in your charity events and build relationships with the reliable ones.

Discounts and Coupons – Always offer discounts on special days (worldwide and local celebrations) and effectively use the resources your PR department has.

Inform your audience about the promotions you have and maximally increase their engagement. Also, regularly introduce coupons for certain products.

This way, you’ll gain a solid number of customers and, of course, overall sales will rise.

Client Commercial – A well-planned grassroots marketing always includes a plan, where clients have no idea, that they’re involved a marketing activity.

For example, asking your clients to do certain activities (depends what you sell or offer) like taking pictures or videos of some product and then handing it over, will help you strengthen the marketing campaign and the word will naturally spread.

Because the customer is forever happy when an authority asks for their help. Consequently, they always share their happiness with friends.

Referral Bonuses are Essential – You’ll never know who can become your future long-term customer. So, never let a single consumer slip away.

In order to maintain a flow of customers, implementing new features is vital, because people might get bored with your monotonous traits. To avoid this, adding referral bonuses is a wise decision to make. Running a contest for established clients is an awesome way to start.

Give them the opportunity to refer as many friends as possible and set prizes for those who’ll bring the most.

3 Grassroots Marketing Examples

The Coca-Cola Happiness Table Induces Stranger Companionship – How sweet. Coca-Cola’s technique of guerrilla marketing aims to let the society “feel” the brand in the streets.

The goal that Coca-Cola’s had, was to build a friendly atmosphere and unite complete strangers in the streets of Italy.

And I bet this ad will put a BIG smile on your face.

Antwerp (City in Belgium) Increases the Awareness of Mobility Issues – Attaching taxi signs on cars, in every part of the city, is a simple, low-cost idea that is highly effective.

Indeed, it’s hard to motivate people to get excited about the idea to improve the infrastructure of the city, but the campaign increased the curiosity and gained the attention it was looking for (through TV and social media).

Pay for a Cookie With a Smile (Project: Change) – Creativity is what makes things function well in the simplest way possible.

The aim of “Change” was to bring positive changes in the world. They did some research and found out, that 97% of Australians are not happy to commute. As you see, to start a successful and an effective campaign can require as little as just a cookie.


Grassroots marketing is most efficient when you define your segment characteristics and behavior and then act according to its tastes.

Overriding this absolute rule, will result in you, marketing the wrong audience that holds no interest in your product. So, being cautious while doing grassroots marketing is essential to avoid crucial mistakes.

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