Importance of Marketing in Business

It’s literally impossible to overlook the importance of marketing. It can be defined as the purpose of selling and promoting a brand, service or a product.

Considering the competitiveness of the 21st century, if you’re not marketing your business, then you’re not making a progress.

Today, any business, from local stores to start-ups, can benefit from starting a marketing campaign. Though, the aim/objective of marketing is misunderstood and often, people confuse it with Public Relations (PR) and Advertising.

In order to clarify the difference, imagine marketing as a huge box filled with PR, advertising, and direct sales.

8 Reasons to Support the Importance of Marketing

Building Trustworthiness – The fierce competition today has made it nearly impossible for fresh company’s to join the race.

Though, efficiently using your marketing campaign to build trust, will skyrocket your sales and brand. So, more people trusting your company, equals to increased product sales.

In order to clarify how exactly trustworthiness benefits your company, think of a company you blindly trust (for example, Coca-Cola). Now, try to determine how much time and effort they’ve invested to become an authority. A lot.

But, it was definitely worth the price. Keep in mind, that trust can’t be built overnight. It requires detailed planning and work.

So, the earlier you start marketing your brand and offer a high-quality product to your audience, the faster will your business be described as a reliable, honest and authority structure.

Increase Awareness – When people see advertisements they usually oversee it because we’ve become “immune” to it.

For instance, let’s take Facebook. While being a returning visitor (Frequently using a single website), our eyes automatically memorize how the page is structured and they know what parts should be ignored.

Try to think of the times when you’ve got engaged with a Facebook ad. Very few, aren’t they? But, don’t let this scare you, not engaging is different from memorizing.

When we start mechanically ignoring the ads, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t noticed them. Sometimes, your best consumers might see your ads thousands of times and only then decide to try out your product. And this is natural.

At first, we always try to become familiar with a brand, rather than becoming a loyal customer from the first sight.

So, raising your business’s awareness seeds your company’s authority, reliability and trustworthiness in your audience’s mind. Resulting into building a huge audience who definitely know how to find you and what exactly you offer.

Ability to show the supporters that you care about your brand – This a weird, but effective marketing tactic, which clearly shows the importance of marketing.

When the society sees’s that you’re trying really hard to improve, you’re winning their trust and heart. Your never-give-up attitude shows the value of your brand, that leads to high conventions and engagement.

Building a Brand – If we split marketers into two pieces, we’ll get the one’s who aim to increase their income and those who want to build a brand.

Though, a clever marketer’s goal is to achieve both. The precise goal of your marketing campaign is to attract customers and branding is the best way to achieve it.

Branding your style, reputation and culture will eventually lead to becoming an authority like the Big G (Google), TwitterFacebook, etc.

So, implementing marketing elements will also help to build a memorable brand.

Marketing Funnel – Every successful business has an effective marketing funnel and it can be defined as having the plan to encourage a complete stranger to take specific steps and finally move through your marketing funnel.

This will not only increase your sales, but it has the potential to turn your one-time customer into a returning consumer, but they must have a good experience from buying your product, otherwise the funnel will fail.

Sell More – When people are aware of your business’s existence, they’re more likely to buy your product.

And if your marketing campaign is working efficiently, you’ll start seeing results shortly after starting.

Moreover, if you’re running/planning to run an internet based business, online advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads can drive traffic to your website in minutes.

Discover what Works – Have ever seen a commercial so bad, that you’ve wondered how did this even persuade a single soul?

I have, and after thinking a little, I’ve came to a conclusion that, Sometimes, a worst ad can be the best one. Watch these two radically different, but successful ads to spot the difference:

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

Now, this is what I call quality, it’s truly crafted to perfection. Your brain loves aesthetics and its combination with good music and nostalgic speech, makes you emotional.

Resulting into, you, being fully captured by the advertiser.

Seafood Warehouse in Boston

This was a disaster. Though, I laughed to death. This commercial carries no value, isn’t interesting and the quality is awful.

But, none of the factors mentioned above was essential for it to succeed. The thing is, that  it’s hilarious. After watching it, you’ll definitely show it to your friends, to laugh harder.

And that’s precisely what makes the ad successful, it’s bad, but still entertaining to watch.

So, to turn your business into success, you’ll have to discover what works for your brand. There are thousands of tactics that can be used to lure your customers and testing them out, will help you find the ones that fit your needs the best.

Social Audience – Having millions of potential customers on your list, strengthens the concept of the “importance of marketing”, because that’s another way to market to your audience.

Whether it’s a Facebook Page, Email List or something else, communicating with them is a must.

After some time, when the potential customer will notice how much you care about them, their trustworthiness will rise and bingo! You’ll start sending promotional messages, discounts or whatever you want.

Every successful business has its own social asset and if you haven’t started building yours, do it.

In a few years, you’ll have an alternative place to promote your products.

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