Marketing Communication Mix: Promote Effectively

If you’re dead serious about marketing, communicating your organization’s brand positioning and delivering it to your consumers are the fundamentals of the marketing strategy.

Developing the right marketing mix includes the concept of the 4P’s (Place, Promotion, Price and Product) and if your goals is to develop marketing communications, then focusing and coordinating your efforts on promotion is a must.

Generating catchy advertising messages that will interact with your customers and highlight the superiority and uniqueness, and will differentiate your product/service from others, is essential for gaining the upper hand on the market.

It’s important to remember, that while building your marketing communication mix, make sure that you’re able to carry out every promise made, because with false assures it’s impossible to achieve and maintain good brand reputation.

Furthermore, brand authority is built over years, but it can be easily destroyed in seconds, with poor and unethical promotion, and weak customer delivery.

So, marketing communication mix will not only make it easier to connect with your potential consumers but will also come in handy to adapt the ever-changing business environment.

Definition of Marketing Communication Mix

A company’s promotional mix that includes advertising, PR, direct marketing, social media, and integrated marketing is called marketing communications mix.

Practices stated above, are the most effective ways to build long-term relationships with your customers and to communicate your brand’s value.

Different Factors of Marketing Communications Mix

Identifying Your Target Audience – The first thing to consider while building your marketing communications mix, is to identify your audience.

To specify, blindly marketing to everyone is dumb and costly. So, you must determine what to communicate, how to communicate and where to communicate.

Communication Objectives – Generally, there are six stages that every customer goes through before deciding, whether to buy or not the product.

These stages are awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and purchase. Thus, your marketing communication mix must be designed to perfectly fit the requirements and stages of the buyer, and step by step guide them to your favorable stage.

Delivering the Message – Catchy messages aren’t enough to attract and hold the interest of a customer, so making them compelling and persuasive will increase the likeness of your brand and chances of them becoming loyal customers will steadily rise.

Moreover, choosing the right media to communicate with your consumer is essential to increase their sanctification and to avoid any irritations/annoyance.

Promotion Mix – Each organization approaches different marketing strategies that only work for them. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to determine the right marketing communication mix for your business and align yourself with proper marketing tactics.

Promotional Budget – Sure, there are countless of ways to entice customers, but it’s vital to determine the budget that can be spent on promotions. Optimizing your budget according to industry requirements is the key to achieving promotional success.

Elements and Examples of Marketing Communication

Product Placement – It’s quite frequent, but you might not have paid enough attention. TV shows, movies, and TV-series always include products or services that are specially included in the show.

Personal Selling – It’s a constructive way to build consumer relationship and aid them to move from the stage of awareness and doubt to conviction and action.

Your marketing department will need to learn how to listen to the audience and according address their requirements. Moreover, one of the biggest perk personal selling carries is that you get instant sales and feedback.

Direct Marketing – Direct marketing is a highly personalized promotional mix method. It’s mostly focused on specific customers and are approached through emails, social media, messages, etc. Furthermore, direct marketing encompasses consumer interaction.

Advertising – One of the most widely used methods to reach out to a large number of potential customers. Advertising is one of the most expensive methods of marketing communication.

Advertising can be done through TV ads, online ads, email, billboards, print, mobile apps, motion pictures, etc. For instance, CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want – The Film commercial:

Public Relations (PR) – PR involves informing the public about the services and products of a certain organization, and it’s carried out, either by a PR department or a third party.

Besides educating the public about the company, PR encourages discussion and interest. Public relations campaigns can be run through media, anniversary parties and press releases. For example, public speeches, charity, magazine articles, etc.

Online Marketing – The introduction of the internet was a huge game-changer in the world of business. Modern technologies have presented a brand new environment to build customer relationships and to interact with the audience.

Consequently, building an online presence will help to communicate with your audience in an efficient and a reliable way.

Packaging – Packaging can be a great addition to your marketing communications mix. Wrapping up a product is not only about keeping it safe and clean, but packaging can be used to boost the branding of your product and organization.

Moreover, nicely wrapping your product will help your product stand out from competitors and may bring extra sales, trust, and convenience.

Sales Promotion – With frequent discount coupons, product samples, exhibitions and sponsorship programs you can easily promote your product, increase sales and customer demand, improve your public presence and interact with potential customers. Though, it’s not a long-lasting marketing effect.

Grassroots Marketing – Grassroots marketing can be used in unconventional ways to increase awareness and promote certain products or services.

Grassroots marketing can be used through, flyers, flash mobs, cheap advertising and marketing campaigns, etc. For instance, Coca-Cola’s commercial, The Coca-Cola Friendship Machine:


The elements and examples stated above are the main criteria and factors for creating a constructive marketing communication mix for your organization.

However, there are numerous things to be aware of while implementing marketing communication mix. For instance, legal and ethical issues that surround marketing communications.

Therefore, consumer privacy must be respected, and social norms should be strictly followed while building an influential marketing communication mix for your business growth.

As a result, the number of your customers will rise and the volume of sales will definitely increase.

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