Target Market Examples: What Are You Missing?

The target market is an essential part of your business.

If your goal is to sell and promote the product to every person in the world, then your business is bound to fail.

Firstly, concentrating on a large society that doesn’t hold an interest in your service is a crucial mistake. It costs a fortune and the profit gained will equal to zero.

But what if after doing a detailed research, we’ll choose and focus on specific markets? We’ll gain customers who are most likely to interact with the product we promote, offer or sell.

Mostly, marketers utilize a variety of methods to resolve their precise target markets. For instance, age, time, gender, behaviors, etc.

Moreover, in order to generate a profit, considering the size of an organization’s target market is vital. So, thoroughly analyzing target market examples is indispensable to properly understand how the target market evolves.

6  Forefront Target Market Examples

Geography – Geography is an incredibly effective way to determine target markets. For instance, a company that produces snowmobiles is more likely to concentrate on mountainous regions and winter resorts, where the interest rates are the highest.

So, if you plan to choose geography as the top priority to determine your target market, make sure that it’s not limited (geographically) and underused.

Gender and Age – One of the widest spread from target market examples is gender and age. Small companies often choose this method, because from time to time, as people age, their preferences make alterations.

For example, have you ever paid attention to cartoons airing in the early morning? The reason is that the segment that watches TV during the fixed time are people under 15 and most of them are pupils who adore cartoons. Also, the social giant Pinterest is marketed towards women.

Studies have shown that in the US women are superior users of Pinterest. This may be caused from women being better online shoppers and searchers for different fashion and decorating ideas, which is one of the primary goals of Pinterest.

Thus, bearing in mind that gender & age plays a significant role in determining the right target market is important.

Behavior – The fact that potential customers still exist, means that they haven’t found a proper brand that could fully answer their needs.

So, consumers are in search of solving their problems and if you can understand their desires, you’ll win thousands of loyal customers.

Psychographics – Besides being linked with demographics, psychographics is mostly concerned with the interests and lifestyle issues of the consumer.

Lifestyle is linked with liking, leisure activities, and attractions. For instance, medical supply organizations build wheelchairs for the disabled people to get around.

Purchase Cycle – The frequency that customers order certain goods is called a purchase cycle. Mostly used by restaurants, the very same place may attract different people groups that may vary from businessman’s to families.

So, due to the wide segment they have, wise marketers often create unique menu’s for every category of the society.

Income – Determining the average income of the consumer is an effective way to target a market. For example, a luxury car producer stresses their efforts on people with unbelievable salaries.

So, the people with low income have no choice, but to shop in their price range.


It’s basically impossible to effectively market your business if you still haven’t identified your customers. Thoroughly investigate the segment that is may hold interests in your product and develop your strategies according to their desires.

Consequently, understanding target market examples must be regarded as a crucial part of your business development strategy.

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