Bitmain S19 Pro Profitability: Review & Testing

Antminer S19 Pro (110Th)

This miner is a highly-functional addition to the Bitmain family. It’s more energy-efficient, has a highly-competitive Th and it’s durable & long-lasting. It’s important to note that the longevity of the S19 is around five years. 19j Pro mines with SHA-256 algorithm and its maximum hash rate is 110Th/s. Power consumption equals 3050W.

Antminer S19 Pro Testing & Specifications

We ran the S19 Pro for a few days to test whether it was as powerful, efficient and stable as advertised. Extensive testing showed us that, S19 Pro can achieve 110.7 TH/s, 0.6% above the advertised figure.

Another important aspect we analysed is the temperature – we measured it every hour and The S19 Pro was on average 45.9°C which is quite an achievement compared to its competitors (energy efficiency and cooling systems are top-notch in this Antminer).

Sound is another factor worth considering. We estimated that Antminer generates an average sound of 81.4 dB which is also great in comparison to other miners on the market. Lastly, the least important but also worth mentioning is the air flow speed. Based on an average of seven readings, S19 Pro generated an average speed of 5.2 m/s.

Bitcoin mining calculator

NOTE: calculations do not include electricity costs.

Electricity cost is calculated like this: USD/kWH (Kilowatt-hour). On average, the cost ranges from 0.03-0.1 USD/kWH and it is heavily dependant on the countries and mining policies.

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Efficiency Chart (J/TH) of Antminer S19 Pro

Since we actually tested the Antminer, we also decided to illustrate the data we gathered. As you see, the performance of S19 Pro is quite good and the calculated average of 29.7 J/TH is 0.6% above what Bitmain has promised. Compared to other miners on the market, S19 takes the top spot on the market and currently, it is not facing much competition from other ASIC mining manufacturers.

Efficiency chart of S19j Pro miner
Efficiency test for Antminer S19 Pro. Measured in (J/TH)

S19 Pro Hash Rate

The hash rate of S19 Pro is quite attractive. We determined that it stays consistent with an average of 110.7 TH/s, which is also 0.6% higher that the promised 110 TH/s. The only disadvantage is its low stability (nothing to be alarmed though. It’s fairly regular to have such fluctuations on a chart.).

Another question that is frequently asked is: “Can I mine other coins with this?”. The answer is yes, you can mine coins like Bitcoin Cash, BitcoinSV, Peercoin and a few more but we recommend sticking with Bitcoin and ONLY with bitcoin.

S19j Pro Hash Rate Illustrated on a Chart
S19 Pro Hash Rate Illustrated on a Chart

S19 Pro Temperature

Lastly, here is an exceptional performance from S19 Pro and for comparison, we have also presented data for Whatsminer M30S+ which is a big competitor. Antminer S19 Pro has more fans and generates a higher air flow speed. Additionally, we took a thermal picture of the S19 pro after three hours of usage. The lowest temperature we recorded was: 23.4°C. Hottest temperature: 44.0°C. Thermal Image Here.

S19 Pro Hash Rate Illustrated on a Chart

Is it recommended to get the S19 Pro?

Absolutely. S19 Pro is one of the best miners available on the market. It’s powerful, durable, stable and efficient. The 110 TH/s is quite attractive and the longevity of Bitmain S19 Pro is up to 5 years. All in all, we recommend purchasing the Antminer since it can deliver amazing results. REMEMBER: as BTC price increases, your rewards raise also. Bitcoin has been in a bull market since its existence.

Bitcoin Price Action (2019-2021)

Bitcoin has seen drastic price changes & fluctuations in the selected timeframe. It also had an affect on mining and its returns.

How much BTC is left to mine?

Today, there are 19 million bitcoins in circulation and the max supply is 21 million. It is important to understand that the last bitcoin will be mined in 2140. It’s true that BTC mining is highly competitive but ROI on a single S19 Pro can be achieved in 12 months if BTC price continues to rise (don’t forget that the longevity of the miner is quite high. Up to 5 years.

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