Apple SWOT Analysis with Infographics

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store.

This is Apple’s current mission statement that clearly defines the goals of the world’s most valuable brand.

What makes Apple so great? There are thousands of books writing about Apple’s managerial structure, plenty of people talking about Apple’s unique vision and methods.

Though, the majority, is still struggling to understand why exactly Apple revolutionized the mobile tech market.

Every business in the world knows what they do, fewer know how they do it and very, I mean very, few know why they do it.

Don’t mistake the “why” for making a profit. The “why” stands for the purpose, the reason why we do something, the reason why our organization exist.

That’s how Apple became a game-changer.

Let me explain, 95% of companies marketing messages sound like this: “our phones are awesome. They’re easy to use, the interface is spectacular and the battery is-out-of-this-world. Wanna buy one?”

This how average companies communicate. The product is actually good, but the message uninspiring and you’re like “meh” and don’t buy it.

On the other hand, this is how Apple communicates: “Everything we do, we do it to make a change. We’re ambitious, we like challenges and we believe in thinking differently. These aren’t some empty words. Our phones are easy to use, the interface is spectacular and the battery is-out-of-this-world. We just happen to make great smartphones. Wanna buy one?”

Much better, right?

This is exactly why most of us are eager to buy everything, Apple has to offer.

Let’s move a little further and examine other key parts of Apple.

Apple SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis (also know as SWOT matrix) helps to evaluate company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

As any other company, Apple has its blind sports. So, with the SWOT analysis of Apple, we can analyze the current situation of the Apple company and define what obstacles they’re facing today.


  • Customer Loyalty – What makes Apple users different from any other consumer is that they’re too loyal and rarely shift to another brand. Because, besides the advantages of the product itself, Apple declares your social status.
  • Innovation – When someone asks for an innovative company example, the answer is always Apple. Apple has revolutionized the tech market for several times. For example, iPhone revolutionized the market with its touch controls, screen-centric designs, multi-touch, App Store, Accelerometer and gesture-based interface.
  • Simplicity – Here’s what Steve Jobs had to say about the simplicity of Apple: “The way we’re running the company, the product design, the advertising, it all comes down to this: Let’s make it simple. Really simple.” Jobs knew that Apple products had to be intuitively easy to use. His aim was to build gadgets based on the experiences people already had.
  • Brand Reputation – Apple is one of the most widely recognized companies and also is the most valuable brand (brand value $145.3 B) today.
  • Advertising – Apple is a top-notch advertiser. Over the years, Apple has produced some of the most inspiring, touching and heartwarming ads. For example, the famous ad “Here’s to the Crazy Ones, Think Different” is partly responsible for Apple’s success. It was big, controversial, and overly ambitious.


  • Pricey Products – Apple products are one of the priciest on the market. Premium prices are driving away price conscience customers and these consumers prefer to buy products from brands like Samsung that are also high-quality but are reasonably cheaper.
  • Patent Infringements – Apple’s iTunes software infringed three patents owned by Smartflash LLC. Apple was ordered to pay $532.9 million.
  • iCloud Security Concerns – Lately, hackers have leaked a lot of celebrity private pictures. Client awareness in increasing, whether it’s safe to use iCloud.
  • No More Innovations or Just High Expectations? – Steve Jobs was responsible for revolutionizing the mobile tech market. Since his death, Apple literally perfects what it had before and doesn’t introduce anything new. We might be wrong and it’s just our unrealistic expectations, but it’s hard to imagine any CEO that could match Jobs’ track record.

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  • Apple Watch Apps – More than 3,500 apps have been created for the Apple Watch in the first 6 weeks and this numbers are steadily growing. By now, Apple should start introducing unique apps for Apple Watch, so that buying it will become irresistible.
  • Apple Electric Car Project – Apple CEO, Tim Cook, approved the rumors that Apple plans on building an electric car. Reports indicate that Apple has been offering Tesla employees to join Apple.
  • Tablet Market Growth – Apple is the absolute tablet market leader. But there’s still place for them to grow and to decrease the market share of competitors.
  • Apple TV – It has the potential to control the home movie theater experience. Apple mustn’t let this opportunity slip away. Though, competitors Amazon TV and Roku won’t be easy to beat.


  • Android OS Growth – Mobile phones running on Google’s Android platform are the deadliest competitors of Apple. If they can overpower iOS even by little, it can eat up Apple’s market share.
  • Rapid Technological Change –  It’s quite possible that a new company can show up with a more complete device than any other brand on the market. A brand new revolution, with tech giants like Apple, Samsung an Windows Phone being two steps behind.
  • Imitation – You might have heard it. Android fans often say that Apple doesn’t innovate. They just copy things from their platform and sell it as an innovation and rumors spread very badly.
  • Samsung Competition – Samsung is the tech giant that competes with Apple’s quality and it’s relatively cheaper.

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